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Would you like to play music freely on your premises?

Did you know that a business that wishes to entertain its customers by playing music on its premises cannot do so from private music accounts, not even from Premium accounts, without incurring heavy fines?

Do you want to play royalty-free music in your venue?

Did you know that a commercial establishment wishing to entertain its customers by playing music in its premises cannot do so using its private accounts, even Premium ones, because it risks incurring heavy penalties?

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What does Fully Licensed music, all rights included actually mean?

MoosBox’s music is Fully Licensed music (commonly called Royalty Free or also referred to as all rights included music) and can be used for commercial purposes. Royalties are paid to the artists fully respectful of their work, but no further brokerage is involved as is the case with the traditional/mainstream catalogues. This is why the price of MoosBox does not include any additional charges.

The challenge

Beyond Royalty Free-music

We offer an innovative, state-of-the-art solution that allows our customers to simplify the management of ambient music licences in a commercial environment.

The use of the term Royalty Free is not really correct because the music used within our platform is not free, not free from rights, instead these are included in the end price because they are paid for by our collection partner.

Our Solution

Fully Licensed: all rights included music

Fully Licensed music is produced and distributed by independent companies which hold the exclusive rights and grant their use by means of a fee to their customers through a direct licence.
A direct licence is a licence that is granted by the author or rights holder of the works and recordings, without the involvement of collecting societies.
In practical terms, unlike music from traditional catalogues, our music does not require any fees to be paid to collective management organisations.
Since there are no intermediaries or other entities involved in the management of the licence, artists receive higher royalties.
Thus, once the subscription has been paid, Fully Licensed music can be used in any commercial environment, with no restrictions to time, location or number of listeners.

With MoosBox music you are truly carefree!

And you really are!

You don’t have to worry about paying expensive licences to use music

With our constantly updated catalogue, you can choose from a wide range of genres and artists

Avoid triggering unpleasant memories related to famous songs and customise your playlists with on-demand advice

No infringement of copyrights or related rights, so you can create a unique ambiance

Customise your music to suit the needs of your customers and your business environment

A single contact person and one globally valid licence

Easy to use with any device (web, app, smart speaker, decoder or Raspberry)

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Traditional catalogues

So what is the other music?

As far as traditional catalogues are concerned, every time a public venue wishes to broadcast a piece of music, it has to obtain licences from the collecting societies, which collect revenues from authors, phonographic producers and performing artists, and then redistribute them to relevant parties in the form of royalties.
Bear in mind that if you choose music from a traditional catalogue, in addition to paying the licence fee to the supplier, you will have to contact the various collecting societies to draw up contracts.
Non-copyright music is only music where the composer has been dead for more than 70 years.
Is it worth all that hassle just to have very popular music?

Make your life easy

Remember, in order to use music for commercial purposes you are legally obliged to pay royalties to Artists and Record Companies.

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Fully Licensed music properly explained…

... but really properly explained!

this is a safe and simple solution

Fully Licensed music for commercial businesses arose from the need to simplify the procedures required to use music from traditional catalogues.

it is cheap and convenient

With our Fully Licensed music, you choose a clear, metric-free pricing structure. The licences are issued by our company and are included in the monthly fee at no extra cost.

it is unique and impressive

There are thousands of tracks in our catalogue, all selected by our sound designers to serve as background music for every type of venue (based on specific characteristics).

speaks only one language

The Fully Licensed music licence is unique and internationally valid. This is why it is even more convenient for large businesses and/or franchises with premises all around the world.

MoosBox‘s Fully Licensed music is

  • Accessible
  • Practical
  • Legal
  • Unique
  • Amazing
  • Customised
  • New
  • Serious
  • Fresh
  • Infinite

Our selection of Fully Licensed music offers you endless possibilities with a wide range of music genres designed to create the ideal ambiance to entertain your customers, without the need to pay for expensive licences and without worrying about copyright infringement. Not only is MoosBox the cheapest on the market, but you also have only one contact person, (our team is also available on demand!), one contract and one invoice.

Activate the service and learn how to use it in less than 5 minutes with our free IOS or Android App (for desktop and mobile), through our website or using smart speakers (such as Sonos and Amazon Echo with Alexa), or decoders such as the RetailPlayer from Barix or the Raspberry.

Want to find out more? Read our FAQs!

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Take a look at the dedicated page.

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1. What is meant by location?

A location represents a physical place, such as a restaurant, a sales point or an office. Having multiple locations allows you to play different music in different locations or different music in different areas of a single location. Each location needs a dedicated device (PC, smart phone or tablet) to play the music. One device can be connected to one location at a time. You can play the same music in all your locations or select a different mood for each.

2. What music can I listen to with the personalized service?

You can listen to the music you want. We give you access to hundreds of different moods created by our team of music experts or gives you the option to create an ad hoc one for your business (ask us how). A soundtrack (the musical mood) is an endless stream of music that is updated daily. A mood has no programming limits and is also perfect for every special occasion (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) to create the sound that best suits your business.

3. Can I broadcast my company's commercial advertisements and announcements?

Absolutely yes. Ask us how to do it: it's really simple. Your personalized radio is designed to broadcast commercials, announcements, jingles, time signal at the top of the hour: you just need to create the announcement. It is also possible for you to sell your advertising space to your suppliers or clients.

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