MoosBox: more than just music

beyond just music

360-degree experience

Music is the art of creating beauty with sound, but at MoosBox we take it to the next level. We offer musical solutions for businesses that not only enhance customers’ experiences but also create a unique and exclusive corporate identity. Let’s take a closer look.

The Secret to Success: MoosBox’s Custom Music Streaming Platform

Our customizable royalty-free music streaming platform (beyond just music) is the backbone of our musical solutions. It offers a wide selection of music tracks, including genres like classical, jazz, pop, and even children’s music, all of which are copyright-free and intended for specific commercial use.

And that’s not all!

Jingle All the Way: Create Your Corporate Identity

Why settle for a simple selection of music tracks when you can have a custom jingle that embodies the essence of your company? With MoosBox, you can! Our jingle creation experts will help you create a unique and exclusive sound.

How to choose the Right Music? MoosBox Consulting

Not sure which music genre is right for your environment or business? No problem! We also offer consulting services to help you choose the right music to create a personalized musical experience for your customers.

Easy to Use

MoosBox’s technology and music are within everyone’s reach

MoosBox is easy to use and accessible to everyone! You can use our proprietary web platform, our desktop and mobile apps, SONOS audio systems with a native app, hardware solutions like Raspberry or Barix, and even ad hoc solutions developed by our development team. In short, music is always at your fingertips!

In Conclusion

MoosBox goes beyond just music

At MoosBox, we believe that music is much more than just background noise. Music is a 360-degree experience that can enhance your company’s image and create a unique and exclusive corporate identity. That’s why we offer complete and customized musical solutions for businesses.

So if you’re tired of hearing the same old music in your office or store, join the musical revolution with MoosBox and always be ahead of the curve.

Music is life, and life is too short to be boring!