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Jazz, classical, and international rhythms suited to every moment of the meal. Integrate communication with personalized announcements to promote your brand!

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Radio for Luxury Restaurants, Bistros, and Taverns

Music for Restaurants enhances every meal with a personalized selection, ideal for every type of restaurant, from intimate settings to luxury establishments, improving the ambiance.

Our restaurant music selection offers a curated set of melodies that perfectly suit the atmosphere of a restaurant, enriching the dining experience. Whether it’s an intimate bistro or a luxury restaurant, our catalog includes genres ranging from soft jazz and light classical music to more modern and international rhythms, creating a harmonious background that invites conversation and enhances the enjoyment of food.

Each playlist is designed to reflect and enhance the identity of your establishment, gently accompanying different moments of the day, from aperitif to dinner.

You can easily integrate personalized announcements and promotions, keeping your brand in the forefront with elegance and discretion.

With us, only high-quality music

great for your business, of course…

You don’t have to worry about paying expensive licenses to use it.

You avoid triggering unpleasant memories and personalize playlists with dedicated consultations.

You don’t risk violating copyright laws or facing legal penalties.

You can make your music unique based on your customers’ needs and the atmosphere of your business.

External and internal announcements

Dialogue with customers and surprise employees with commercials

Thanks to the announcements, you can increase sales by speaking directly to your customers, but also improve the productivity of your employees by motivating them with dedicated communications.

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1. What is meant by location?

A location represents a physical place, such as a restaurant, a sales point or an office. Having multiple locations allows you to play different music in different locations or different music in different areas of a single location. Each location needs a dedicated device (PC, smart phone or tablet) to play the music. One device can be connected to one location at a time. You can play the same music in all your locations or select a different mood for each.

2. Can I broadcast my company\'s commercial advertisements and announcements?

Absolutely yes. Ask us how to do it: it\\\'s really simple. Your personalized radio is designed to broadcast commercials, announcements, jingles, time signals: you just need to create the announcement. It is also possible for you to sell your advertising space to your suppliers or clients.

3. Can I customize and enrich my radio services?

Of course, our Radio in Store web service has potentially no limits of enrichment other than those of your imagination; ask us what you want and we\'ll do it. You can have commercials, jingles, liners, personalized time signals, news, weather, horoscope, surveys, etc.

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