Customised ads

An easy service to directly engage customers and instantly increase sales.

How it works

Insert the ad you have made and talk directly to your customers.

Make your voice heard

Want to talk to your customers about the latest offers?

Want to announce opening days and times in the run-up to holidays?

Want to create a special connection by mentioning a special event?

Upload the ads you have prepared now and insert them free of charge!

Advantages of ads

Customised ads are one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to connect and engage with your audience. In fact, ads allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers: whether they are queuing at the pharmacy or the supermarket, you can inform them about current promotions, opening and closing times, the latest in-store news, new openings, and so on.

The benefits

  • Affordable

    One price regardless of square footage.

  • Easy

    You can start it and learn how to use it

    in less than 5 minutes.

  • The best

    Choose a quality catalogue and instantly increase sales.

  • Comprehensive

    Everything you are looking for is just a few clicks away.

  • Carefree

    It frees you from all other licences and problems.

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1. Can I broadcast my company's ads and commercials?

Of course you can. The customised ads you have already created are included in your monthly or annual package and you just need to upload them.

However, if you would like support from our team in creating/broadcasting professional ads, jingles, text-to-speech, etc., just ask us how.

2. Can I customise and enrich my radio services?

Absolutely. Our web radio service potentially has no enrichment limits other than those of your imagination; ask us what you want, and we will create it. You can have ads, jingles, slogans, customised time signals, news, weather, horoscope, columns, etc. For further information and prices, contact us.