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MoosBox is better because:

Full licence
No payment needed for any licence or additional fees.
Extensive catalogue
A rich and constantly updated music database.
Music for your brand
99% of employees prefer working in an environment with music
Increase revenue
Create a welcoming and stimulating environment.
Square metres don't count
You will always know how much you are spending regardless of the square footage of your shops.

Smart speaker wireless

For SONOS customers a direct connection to the MoosBox services is available, promising a consistently high-quality service. SONOS is the best wireless Home Sound System: the Wi-Fi network that enlivens your ambiances and fills them with amazing sounds. Go to the SONOS app and activate premium integration, and thus add MUSIC YOUR BRAND as part of your music service.
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The platform for social channels

Redhab is dedicated to brands and companies selling through mono or multi-brand shops, franchises, networks, consortia, agencies, partners and retailers. This platform which targets companies using a distribution channel to sell their services or products, simplifies social media channel management by providing an automated points of sale system that standardises and optimises communication.
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Digital and multimedia solutions

HDDS Vision is an innovative digital signage solution that has revolutionised the management of audiovisual and multimedia communication, making it affordable for everyone. It offers a simple, effective and comprehensive programme management solution as well as highly detailed content customisation. The architecture is a server-client architecture delivering a simple and reliable system: this allows content and scheduling to be managed for each individual player in a complete and customised way, you can upload photos, video and audio from any device and create your own presentations. HDDS Vision offers complete digital signage solutions: software, monitors, ledwalls, indoor and outdoor totems.
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Audio production studio

Jingles Factory works on the assumption that sound can be a real motivational lever in&out of store. Thanks to sound branding/audio branding, you can have a direct impact on your audience's emotions and memory. Since 2010, this audio production studio has been creating jingles, commercials, various communication and branded podcasts. Specifically, it works on copywriting (conceptualisation and script writing), voice casting, as well as creative elements (editing) and broadcast rights management. Services include the creation of original music and producing sung commercials.
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Software solutions for chains

Founded as a software house, since 1987, BBC Technologies has grown to become a trusted reference point for businesses that seek an IT company not only as a supplier but also as a partner. A partner with whom they can also grow their business. In Store Analytics, IPOS - the sales software for shops, Sma.RT - the console for monitoring remote-controlled recorders, and a whole range of point-of-sale monitoring solutions are the core business of BBC TECHNOLOGIES.
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It is the gold standard audio-visual System Integrator in Italy and Europe.

On Off accompanies its customers on the journey towards digitisation, whether professional or domestic. This Integrator system for audio, visual, digital and technological devices is a benchmark for the Italian and European markets. Based on an analysis of multimedia requirements, On Off integrates multi-brand systems into all-in-one projects for meeting rooms, auditoriums and conference centres, places of worship, shopping centres, retail outlets, event locations and home environments. From consultancy to customised design, supply and installation, On Off guides and supports the customer every step of the way towards using state-of-the-art multimedia; making the latest technologies easy to use. The design, sales and technical teams comprise industry experts constantly keeping up to date with changing times and changing customer needs.
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