Sensory marketing: selling with the 5 senses

A bunch of music fans

The MoosBox brand was born in 2022 after major changes to the Italian music system and in particular to the world of licensing of ambient music for commercial use.

A few more insightful figures about us:

experience 25
years in this sector
countries 27
nations globally
customers + 15k
commercial activities
A 100% European team

To deliver radio streaming in every store!

We felt that after years working in this industry there was an opportunity to create something unique.
The fundamental wish is to deliver radio streaming in every store!
Hence the idea of creating a platform with an intuitive interface delivered directly to the customer so they could independently manage the sound of their own business.
Our European approach allows us to keep up-to-date on music trends and offer an innovative, cutting-edge service.

The choice of music

Risk-free use of quality music

The real revolution lies in the fact that the music chosen is inclusive of all rights. It is not sourced from traditional and mainstream catalogues but rather from independent collectors, ensuring a pricing structure that is both low cost and transparent for the end customer and above all you can rely on the legality of the tracks played.

Music + Commercials = Your in-store radio service

An all-round radio service

Our in-store radio service is a complete product that allows you to combine a series of playlists – designed for every business (or almost every business) by our sound designers – with the convenience and functionality of additional services (many free): commercials, announcements, live broadcasts, etc. This is because involving employees and customers in creating a unique sound identity does pay off in terms of revenue and loyalty.


The right music for your business

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and professionals in creating a sound image that helps them sell more products and services and allows their employees to enjoy their work.

Our values

what we believe in


The experience and expertise acquired over the years from the world of FM radio and marketing guarantee quality.


We research markets around the world for new solutions to improve current conditions.


We pro-actively listen to our customers, attentive to their needs and requirements.


The time devoted to customer care and customer service differentiates us from our many competitors.


We have a distinctive kind and attentive approach, even towards less digitally literate users.


We solve problems and find solutions at the right price, and are always reliable.

Corporate organisation

Our group

NEA97 – Newton & Associates 1997 SL is our marketing and communication company based in Barcelona. We are a group of professionals and enthusiasts involved in sensory marketing since 1997, so not only involved in music and sound branding but also involved in olfactory consulting and much more.
We are keeping a keen eye on the future, and are curious about new things happening around us; whether they be new technologies or new trends.

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All for one

We want to create a brand experience that our customers will love, one note at a time.

That is why we have formed a network of reliable partners to meet the needs of small stores but also to help larger organisations.

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