MoosBox and SONOS: a winning combination!

Flexibility and functionality

Are you looking for a way to bring the right music to your commercial business without worrying about costly licenses? Then MoosBox and SONOS are the perfect pair for you! Flexibility and functionality in your hands.

MoosBox is a provider of royalty-free and fully licensed background music that offers a wide range of musical genres that are perfect for creating the right atmosphere in your business. And now, with MoosBox’s availability on SONOS, you can bring this great music directly to your stores, restaurants, and offices.

SONOS: sound quality at your fingertips

SONOS is a leader in the smart speaker industry since 2002. They offer excellent sound quality across their entire product range, with a wide range of prices, including their SYMFONISK systems launched in collaboration with IKEA, perfect for small businesses.

The established reliability of SONOS provides business owners with the perfect solution for light commercial installations. It’s easy to use and has a professional look.

MoosBox on SONOS: flexibility and functionality

MoosBox fits perfectly with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, without requiring costly structural interventions for the installation of a new system. With MoosBox, you can use music as a marketing tool, creating custom mixes, scheduling content and managing multiple locations easily and flexibly.

Music is life, and life is too short to be boring!

MoosBox fits perfectly with SONOS’s features, allowing you to choose the right music for your business. Plus, with the ability to remotely control the system through MoosBox’s manager profile, you can be sure that your business always sounds its best.

MoosBox: the smart choice for in-store music

And let’s not forget that MoosBox is royalty-free, so you won’t have to worry about licensing costs. It’s also available through the proprietary streaming platform, the dedicated player, the Android and iOS app, and even through Raspberry or Barix solutions.

Choose the flexibility and functionality of MoosBox and give your in-store music a smart touch without worries

If you’re tired of hearing the same old music in the office or store, do it! Join the music revolution with MoosBox and be in the know.