Royalty free music: why choose MoosBox?

Best atmosphere without expensive royalties and many stakeholders

benefits of royalty-free music

Benefits of royalty-free music. Background music can make a big difference in the customer experience in your store. But using copyrighted mainstream music can get expensive with royalties to pay. That’s why the best solution for your business is to choose to take advantage of royalty-free music (or also called fully-licensed) with MoosBox.

The key to royalty free music: licensing

Music licensing is a key aspect of using royalty free or fully-licensed (it’s the same thing) music. There are several licensing options available, both paid and free. Paid licenses usually offer more usage rights, but it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing one.

With MoosBox, you get an unlimited in-store broadcast license for one monthly fee and a customized in-store radio service, this is one of the most important benefits of royalty-free music.

Create the perfect atmosphere with MoosBox

Choosing the right music for your business is important. The music should reflect the atmosphere of the store and the audience you want to attract. For example, a youth clothing store might choose more energetic music than an adult home goods store. With MoosBox, you have dozens of different moods to use as you see fit, and if you need help, our consultants are always available to create a mood tailored to your store or business in general.

The benefits of royalty free music with MoosBox

Choosing royalty free music with MoosBox has many advantages, such as saving on royalty costs and the flexibility of a worldwide valid license with one expert partner always on hand.

Why choose MoosBox for your background music? The benefits of royalty-free music

In conclusion, royalty free music with MoosBox is an ideal option for creating a pleasant atmosphere in your store without having to pay expensive royalties and without having to manage multiple stakeholders for the same service.

Choose your music carefully, purchase a license from a reputable vendor, and abide by the terms and conditions of the license to avoid legal problems in the future, and for all this there is MoosBox.

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