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A comprehensive and very easy-to-use platform.

So you can concentrate on your business while we take care of the music.

A user-friendly dashboard with a lot of great features

Can always be upgraded
Change schedules and track rotation as you please.
On-demand commercials
Your commercials or ours. Choose how to make them and when to insert them.
A wide range of options
There are so many options to choose and use.
Unlimited support
Our guides, videos and on-demand support team are there to help you.

Step by step

It really only takes a few clicks to create your personalised radio stream

With MoosBox you can easily create a radio stream tailored to your business to reinforce your brand. What can it be used for? Choose your music, create, upload or use ready-made commercials and/or announcements, make live broadcasts and so much more.

1 Select the music most suited to your needs
Choose the mood that best suits your brand from an extensive catalogue of Fully Licensed Music.
2 Create, upload or use an ad
Create a commercial from scratch or upload one you've already made or again use one of our ready-made commercials.
3 Stream your in-store radio live
And now air your live radio stream for both customers and employees to listen to.
Scheduling/ programming

Set up a complete radio stream for your business

  • Programme your music
    Customise your schedule by distributing music throughout the week thanks to our radio streaming calendars. Easy to use!
  • Personalised announcements and messages
    Increase sales by talking to your customers as well as motivating your employees.
  • Can be managed remotely
    Do you have several businesses in different locations? Not a problem! Our platform is easy to manage from any location. All you need is a connection.
For every point of sale and business

Manage your locations from anywhere

  • Centralised remote control
    You can access the platform from anywhere and manage your music as you please.
  • Manage the programme scheduling for every single location
    Have a different schedule for each point of sale or the same one for all your points of scale based on your needs.
  • Keep everything under control
    Control your business locations with multiple authorisation levels. Access rights based on the roles of your managers and employees.
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Although online services such as ours often try to respond intuitively to immediate needs, they are not always easy to use. We know! That’s why our FAQs include all the questions customers have asked us over the years.If you can’t find the answer you are looking for there (DON’T BE LAZY/DO CHECK THEM OUT FIRST), we have set up an advisory service to clarify any doubts within 24 hours.

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1. What is meant by location?

A location represents a physical place, such as a restaurant, a sales point or an office. Having multiple locations allows you to play different music in different locations or different music in different areas of a single location. Each location needs a dedicated device (PC, smart phone or tablet) to play the music. One device can be connected to one location at a time. You can play the same music in all your locations or select a different mood for each.

2. What music can I listen to with the personalized service?

You can listen to the music you want. Music Your Brand gives you access to hundreds of different moods created by our team of music experts or gives you the option to create an ad hoc one for your business (ask us how). A soundtrack (the musical mood) is an endless stream of music that is updated daily. A mood has no programming limits and is also perfect for every special occasion (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) to create the sound that best suits your business.

3. Can I broadcast my company\'s commercial advertisements and announcements?

Absolutely yes. Ask us how to do it: it\\\'s really simple. Your personalized radio is designed to broadcast commercials, announcements, jingles, time signals: you just need to create the announcement. It is also possible for you to sell your advertising space to your suppliers or clients.

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