Why choose Royalty Free music?

The license that makes the difference

Want to put free music on your premises?

Did you know that a business keen to entertain its customers by putting music on its premises cannot do so from its private accounts, including Premium accounts, because it risks incurring heavy penalties?

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With MoosBox Music, you can really be worry free!

Really and truly!

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No need to worry about paying expensive licences to use music.

Thanks to our constantly updated catalogue, you can choose from a wide range of genres and artists.

Avoid triggering unpleasant memories of famous tracks and personalise your playlists with ad-hoc advice

No copyright or related rights are infringed and you create an incomparable atmosphere

You can personalise your music according to the needs of your customers and the environment of your business

One contact point and one internationally valid licence

Easy to use with any device (web, app, sonos, decoder, etc.)

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    Traditional catalogue VS Royalty Free music

    Every time a public establishment broadcasts a piece of music, it has to obtain licences from collecting societies. The most common are SIAE (in Spain SGAE), SCF, LEA, ITSRIGHT and IMAIE, which are responsible for collecting revenue from authors, phonographic producers and performing artists, and then redistributing it to those concerned in the form of royalties.

    Bear in mind that if you choose music from the traditional catalogue, in addition to paying the licence fee to the supplier, you will have to contact the various collecting societies to draw up all the contracts.

    Is it really worth all this hassle to have the most popular music?

  • 2 - and then this!

    Here’s the solution: Royalty Free music

    Royalty Free music is not copyright free but refers to the type of licences under which music and other copyrighted works are licensed for use.

    Royalties are percentages that must be paid to those entitled to them for each use of a musical work. Once a royalty free licence has been purchased, the user may use a song without further charge, as long as it is within the limits specified in said licence. Copyright and related rights are paid on a one-off basis.

    On the other hand, copyright-free music is only referred to when the author has been dead for more than 70 years.

Royalty Free music explained well ...

...extremely well!

it is a safe and simple solution

Royalty Free music for businesses came about as a result of the need to simplify the procedures required for using music from the traditional catalogue.

it is affordable and convenient

With our Royalty Free music you can choose a clear price regardless of square footage. Licences are issued by our company and are included in the monthly fee at no extra cost.

it is unique and surprising

There are thousands of tracks in our catalogue that have all been selected by our sound designers to serve as background music for each type of location (according to its specific characteristics).

it speaks one language only

The Royalty Free music licence is unique and is internationally valid. This makes it even more convenient when it comes to large businesses and/or franchises with locations all over the world.

MoosBox Royalty Free music is

  • nNew
  • serious
  • cool
  • infinite
  • accessible
  • practical
  • custom

Our Royalty Free music selection offers you endless possibilities and a wide range of music genres designed to create the ideal atmosphere to entertain your customers, without needing to pay expensive licences and without worrying about copyright infringement. Not only is the price among the most affordable on the market, there is just one contact point to turn to (and our team is always available!), one contract and one invoice.

Activate the service and learn how to use it in less than 5 minutes with our free IOS or Android App (for desktop and mobile), through our website or using smartspeakers (Sonos, Google Home, Amazon Alexa), decoders or Raspberry.