Radio In Store: what is it for?

what is in-store radio

What is in-store radio? Do you know what it is for?

The term Radio In Store, according to Wikipedia, is commonly used to refer to a communication medium. Also according to WikipediaThe communication […] interspersed with music and advertising, has several functions: to accompany customers during their stay inside the store, to entertain the staff during the course of the working day, to inform the sign’s frequenters of either existing or new products on sale or promotion.”

What if we told you that you can have total control of communication in your store, offering a unique experience to your customers?

Music is a key element in creating the atmosphere desired in a business environment, but by itself it is not enough.

In-store radio is the answer to this need, and MoosBox offers you an affordable and royalty free option to make the most of this powerful technology.

What is exactly in-store radio?

In-store radio is a music delivery system designed specifically for commercial environments. It allows owners of stores, restaurants, bars and other business venues to customize the soundtrack to create an atmosphere that reflects brand identity and values.

What if Radio In Store were exempt from royalties?

One of the main challenges for business owners is finding suitable and legally usable music for their business. This is where MoosBox comes in, offering a wide selection of royalty free, or as it would be better to say “Fully Licensed” music tracks.

What does Royalty Free mean?

It means that the music tracks available on MoosBox are provided with the necessary licenses and authorizations for broadcasting and related rights, eliminating the need for additional payments to copyright holders.

The advantages of using MoosBox and royalty free music tracks are many:

  1. Cost Savings:With MoosBox, you don’t have to worry about additional costs related to royalties. You can freely use the music available on the platform without incurring unexpected expenses.
  2. Legal Security: MoosBox is partnered with an independent Collecting company, among the most prominent in its field, which makes sure that all music items in its library are legally licensed for commercial use and that all independent Artists and Labels are properly compensated. You can then focus on creating an engaging experience for your customers without facing legal problems or penalties.
  3. Creative freedom: MoosBox offers you a vast selection of music genres and styles to meet the needs of your business. You can create custom playlists, schedule music based on your customers’ time of day and preferences, and add releases and announcements, providing a unique and engaging experience.
  4. Ease of Use: MoosBox is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You can manage your playlists and schedule music in just a few clicks, without the need for specialized technical skills.


Now that we’ve talked about what in-store radio means for businesses, don’t miss the opportunity to transform your business environment with in-store radio and MoosBox.

Discover the creative freedom, cost savings and legal security that only a royalty-free solution can offer.

Achieve a new level of customer engagement and retention through the perfect music for your business.

Try MoosBox today and create an amazing sound experience for your business