Free Music: truths and myths

Let’s explore the various aspects of Royalty Free Music, debunking common myths and highlighting the benefits of this option for businesses and professionals. A focus on MoosBox, which provides a specific, original, affordable, yet high-quality solution.

tecnico del suono in studio durante il montaggio di un brano musicale

If you think that Royalty Free Music is synonymous with poor quality or limited options, it’s time to debunk these myths and embrace a more enlightened perspective. 

We would like to explore the truth behind the misconceptions about Royalty Free Music, uncovering how MoosBox is changing the game by providing unique and high-quality musical solutions for businesses. Far from clichĂ©s, we take an approach that values not only the client’s portfolio but also the creativity of lesser-known Artists.

Let’s start with the basics: What does Royalty Free Music mean?

The term royalty-free often sparks curiosity and questions. In simple terms, “royalty-free,” although it would be more accurate to use the term “fully licensed,” refers to a type of license that allows the use of a work (such as music, images, or videos) without requiring additional payments, copyright, broadcasting licenses, and related rights each time it is used.

There are some common myths about Royalty Free Music that need clarification

Royalty Free = Totally Free? Not necessarily.

The term “royalty-free” does not necessarily mean that the music is entirely free, especially for commercial use. Always keep in mind that the cost of the license represents compensation for the Artists. All Artists in our music catalog receive fair compensation.

If it’s Royalty Free, is it copyright-free? Certainly not!

Music is a product of creativity and the work of one or more Artists. Royalty Free Music is not automatically free of copyright. It means that the person acquiring the license has the right to use the music in specific ways specified in the license terms. It is crucial to read and understand the license conditions to avoid serious legal issues.

Inferior Quality? A myth to debunk.

Surprisingly, Royalty Free Music is often associated with lower quality. Nothing could be further from the truth! Talented Artists produce high-quality tracks, offering a wide range of styles. Royalty Free Music can be just as engaging and exciting as any composition from the traditional catalog, simply because it is not strictly tied to market dynamics. Very often, Royalty Free tracks are used as soundtracks for famous commercials, movies, or series on major platforms. With MoosBox, we abandon the notion that quality must necessarily come with exorbitant costs.

Cheaper = Less Value? We think the opposite.

Some believe that Royalty Free Music costs less because it’s worth less. In reality, its affordability lies in the licensing model, not in the lack of artistic value. Tracks are often created by Talented Artists choosing to share their creativity more accessibly. While MoosBox’s activities may not be equated to those of a collective management organization or an independent management entity, as identified in Articles 4, paragraph 2, and 8, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 15 March 201 and as determined by AGCOM resolution no. 2/22/DSDI-ARCH of 27/05/2022, our company has always embraced this philosophy, offering a wide range of options without compromising their quality.

Only Background Music? A Myth to Debunk

Another common myth is that Royalty Free Music is more suitable as simple background music because it lacks value. In reality, tracks range from lively and dynamic pieces to more tranquil and reflective compositions, spanning various genres. Choosing MoosBox means having access to a wide range of styles, allowing you to create a unique atmosphere for every need, whether it’s for a trendy clothing store or a cozy cafĂ©.

In summary, it’s essential to be aware of the usage conditions of royalty-free tracks and not fall for myths that could lead to misunderstandings about the use and quality of music because famous doesn’t always mean better.

Royalty Free Music, therefore, represents a smart option for those who want a quality soundtrack for their store, restaurant, or office, choosing tracks that meet your needs and supporting emerging or simply less famous Artists.

How to keep your soundtrack fresh: tradition or innovation?

Many businesses face the dilemma of choosing between musical tradition, such as Sanremo songs (have you read our reviews of the Sanremo Festival 2024?), and innovation. While tradition has its value, MoosBox offers a unique solution that balances both aspects. With an approach based on business needs and originality, you can create an engaging and contemporary soundtrack.

With MoosBox, we are not just offering a service, but we are creating a tailor-made musical experience. Our innovative approach to in-store music allows you to keep your soundtrack fresh without emptying your wallet. 

We believe that the creativity of lesser-known Artists deserves to be heard, contributing to a more diverse and engaging musical environment.

Choosing MoosBox means embracing creative freedom, saving money, and offering your customers a unique experience. Royalty Free Music is not just an economic choice but a way to express your identity and make your in-store radio memorable

In conclusion, let’s defeat the myths about Royalty Free Music and embrace a new way of experiencing music through MoosBox. Our mission is to transform how you conceive music for your store, combining quality, affordability, and originality.

MoosBox is your companion on a journey to a world of limitless sounds.

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