Famous music vs MoosBox: which one to choose?

benefits fully licensed music

Avoid unpleasant memories with MoosBox: benefits of fully licensed music

Imagine walking into a store and hearing your favorite 90s song, the one that reminds you of the time you got dumped at prom. Or that song that reminds you of your ex who cheated on you with your best friend.

Not exactly the vibe you want to feel while shopping, right?

That’s why it’s sometimes best to avoid playing recognizable hits in stores, restaurants or other commercial spaces. Music has the power to evoke emotions and memories, and you never know how a customer might react to a familiar song. They might love it and feel comfortable, or they might hate it and want to leave the store as quickly as possible and never come back.

That’s where MoosBox comes in.

MoosBox offers a wide range of musical genres and flexible licensing options, featuring independent artists and labels, without any copyright worries. Plus, MoosBox also offers consulting services to help businesses choose the right music for their commercial environment and create a personalized musical experience for customers.

So, if you want to avoid stirring up unpleasant past memories while your customers shop or relax in your restaurant, go for MoosBox’s royalty-free music. With MoosBox, you can create a pleasant sound environment that invites customers to come back, without evoking memories they may not want to revisit.

Benefits of choosing royalty free: a music library without worries of expensive licenses

And using MoosBox’s royalty-free or fully licensed music is also more cost-effective compared to expensive licenses for famous songs. Licensing and related rights to use mainstream hit songs in a commercial setting can be very costly and take a lot of time and effort to obtain. With MoosBox, you have access to a wide range of music without worrying about expensive and complex licenses.

Plus, MoosBox offers a convenient and affordable monthly plan for 14.99 euros to access the entire music library without any worries.

In summary, choosing MoosBox means having access to a wide range of genres, independent artists, and labels without any copyright concerns, and without spending exorbitant amounts on expensive licenses. And with the help of our music consulting experts, you can create a personalized sound experience for your customers and a pleasant atmosphere without stirring up unpleasant past memories.

At MoosBox, we don’t just care about creating the perfect sound environment for your customers, we do it without making you spend a fortune on costly licenses.

So, why spend a fortune on a hit song when you can have access to a wide range of music options with MoosBox?

Try MoosBox to believe: the perfect choice for your background music.

Choose the best for your commercial environment without spending a fortune and without worries.

Activate your free trial now and discover how royalty-free music can help make your business more attractive and dynamic

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Try to believe benefits fully licensed music!

Because life without music would just be a simple series of keys on an empty keyboard!