Launch of the New MoosBox Website: a Leap Forward in the World of In-Store Music

In a constantly evolving music system, in 2024 NEA97 decided to transform MoosBox from a complementary service of Music Your Brand to the actual core of the company. The reason behind this strategic shift is clear: entrepreneurs, increasingly looking for economically advantageous solutions, seek legal, customized in-store radio music that specifically fits their customer target and creates no additional worries or concerns.

Therefore, following the January 2024 revamp of the My MoosBox platform, it was deemed important to update the website presenting the service.

New Features of the MoosBox Website

The new website is designed to highlight and make accessible all the innovative features of MoosBox. Among these, certainly stand out:

  • Ready-to-use commercials (Free): Users can choose from a variety of generic spots, created and professionally recorded by our experts, at no additional cost.
  • Seasonal tracks (Free): MoosBox allows easy integration of tracks suitable for specific times of the year, such as Christmas, or International Women’s Day.
  • Professional commercials/Jingles: Custom ads designed by our speakers to speak directly to customers, promoting special offers or specific store events.
  • Upload your commercials (Free): Customers can upload their own recorded spots for use on MoosBox, facilitating the customization of their in-store radio.
  • Live stream: MoosBox offers the possibility to broadcast events or promotions in real-time, as well as host in-depth discussions on topics of interest with special guests.
  • Text-to-speech: A feature that allows creating spots from written text, testing the result before broadcasting.

The Unique Quality of the Platform

MoosBox stands out for its user-friendly platform, designed to facilitate every aspect of in-store radio management. In the new website, space has been given to present all the opportunities this tool offers to those who choose it:

  • Custom music selection: Users can select the mood that best suits their brand from a wide catalog of fully licensed music.
  • Creation and management of spots: As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is possible to create spots from scratch, upload ready-made ones, or use those offered by MoosBox.
  • Customization of the schedule: The platform allows configuring a tailor-made radio for each specific activity, programming the music and announcements for the entire week.

Behind the Scenes at Moosbox and the NEA97 Family

The story of MoosBox and its parent company, NEA97, is characterized by an innovative vision and a constant commitment in the field of sensory marketing and ambient music. In 2022, the MoosBox brand was born to respond to major changes in the music licensing system for commercial uses in Italy, with a clear goal: to revolutionize the way music is used in commercial and professional activities.

A Prepared, Dedicated, and Passionate Team

The NEA97 family, based in Barcelona, consists of a group of professionals and enthusiasts who have been working in the field of sensory marketing since 1997. This team brings with it 25 years of experience, operating in over 27 nations and serving more than 15,000 commercial clients. Our strength lies in our ability to stay constantly updated on musical trends, ensuring cutting-edge service.

Our Capabilities and Services

MoosBox represents our flagship in providing a completely personalized “in-store radio”. This service not only allows selecting high-quality music, including all rights and from independent collector catalogs but also offers the possibility to integrate spots, announcements, and live broadcasts, thus enriching the listening experience and improving the sound identity of commercial activities.

Music Your Brand offers a more traditional in-store radio service, while Fribit is a web radio with fully licensed music for the web. Jingles Factory is our audio production studio, specializing in the creation of jingles and commercials. Finally, Olfice offers consulting in olfactory marketing, expanding the concept of sensory branding.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and professionals in creating a sound identity that not only helps sell more products and services but also makes the work environment more pleasant for employees. We strongly believe in professionalism, continuous updates, empathy, support, patience, and honesty, values that guide us in every aspect of our work.

Organization and Partner Network

NEA97 is committed to creating a brand experience that satisfies every client, note after note. We have developed a network of reliable partners that meet the needs of both small stores and large commercial groups.

Customer Support and Assistance

Aware of the challenges that may arise in using online platforms, MoosBox has strengthened its commitment to customer support. Updated FAQs with the most frequent questions and a quick consulting service, available from 9 AM to 6 PM on working days, ensure continuous support to users. Furthermore, the blog section has been optimized to be always accessible and up-to-date, making it easier for users to stay informed about news and improvements to the service.


With the launch of the new website, MoosBox has not only renewed its image and functionality but has also reaffirmed its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This user-centered approach and adaptability to specific market needs make MoosBox a leader in the field of music for commercial and professional activities, thus consolidating the new core business of NEA97.