Copyright Costs on Background Music

royalties how to save

Royalties how to save. The music you choose in your stores can make a difference for the customer experience and your brand perception. While using popular music may be cool, it can also incur high licensing and related rights costs, but, if you read all the way through this article, we will delve into the topic of royalties and how to save money,

High Licensing Costs for mainstream music

Often, Companies must pay an annual fee to use popular and mainstream music in their stores, restaurants, and commercial activities, in addition to paying for each individual track they use (related rights).

This can become a significant cost, especially for companies with many locations.

Royalties: how to save? The MoosBox Alternative

There is an option for businesses that want to make the most of music without paying expensive licenses. MoosBox offers a fully customizable, copyright-free music streaming platform dedicated to in-store radio.

Royalty-Free and Fully-Licensed Background Music

With MoosBox, Companies can choose from a wide selection of musical tracks, including genres like classical, jazz, pop, and children’s music, all designed for specific commercial use and without any copyright or related rights costs.

Affordable Prices MoosBox: Royalties how to save

Additionally, MoosBox’s cost is very competitive compared to copyright and related rights licensing costs. With MoosBox, you can use music in all your locations for just 14.99 euros per month per location for the first six months and then for only 25.90 euros per month, all inclusive and cancel anytime you want.

Winning Choice for Companies

In general, MoosBox is a great choice for Companies that want to make the most of music without paying expensive licenses.

With MoosBox’s platform, you can choose from a wide selection of music tracks, create custom jingles and commercials at a unique and affordable price.

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