The Music of Well-Being: Discover the Benefits of Listening to it in the Pharmacy

royaltyfree pharmacy music

Today we are talking about royalty free pharmacy music. Music has been shown to have numerous benefits for mental and physical health. Find out how to use it in the context of a pharmacy to provide a more pleasant shopping experience for your customers, with examples of music genres suitable for every occasion, and see the advantages of MoosBox over mainstream music.

Music as an Instrument of Well-being

Professor Daniel J. Levitin, from the Department of Psychology at McGill University, together with his team of researchers, conducted a systematic review of no less than 400 studies focusing on research in the neurochemistry of music. Thanks to his work, Prof. Levitin was able to prove that playing and listening to music has obvious and significant mental and physical health benefits.

Music is applicable to all ages and affects the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, the level of certain hormones and endorphins. Listening to Mozart’s music has benefits on memory and learning, while favourite music in general can relax and improve mood.

The Use of Music in Pharmacy

In the context of a pharmacy, choosing the right music can enhance the customer shopping experience.

quiet and relaxing music can be used to create a comfortable atmosphere, while more energetic music genres can stimulate enthusiasm during promotions and offers.

For example, during relaxing moments, you could opt for classical music, instrumental jazz or ambient music. To promote your offers, on the other hand, music genres such as pop, light rock or dance music can create an engaging atmosphere. Furthermore, if you want to make people discover dermocosmetic products, quiet, relaxing music such as chill-out can encourage product exploration.

Here are some examples of music genres suitable for different pharmacy occasions:

  • In general: Use classical music, instrumental jazz or environmental Lo-Fi music to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. These musical genres favour calm and well-being for customers who want a break from everyday stress and have the advantage of creating the right privacy.
152 – Royalty Free: Lo Fi
  • Promotions and offers: Choose more energetic music genres such as pop, light rock or dance music to create a lively and engaging atmosphere during pharmacy promotions. This music can help stimulate customer enthusiasm and encourage more impulsive purchases.
123 – Free Royalties: Pop Rock and Indie Rock
  • Product Exploration: If you want your customers to spend more time getting to know and try out the products, you can choose quiet, relaxing music genres such as acoustic pop, folk music or soft rock. These genres will create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere to explore dermocosmetics products and take care of themselves.
126 – Free Royalties: Warm and Soft Songs

Moosbox: The Ideal and Legal Option for Music in Pharmacy

When it comes to selecting music for your pharmacy, Moosbox is the ideal option. Compared to the playback of mainstream audiovisual content, Moosbox offers a wide range of music options specifically designed for businesses.

This customised in-store radio service allows you to comply with legal requirements on copyright and related rights and create the desired atmosphere in your pharmacy.

Add spots and ads in the pharmacy: boost your communication

In addition to music, the addition of spot and pharmacy ads can offer additional benefits for your business.

Commercials allow you to promote your products and services in a direct and engaging way. You can inform your customers about special offers, new arrivals and current promotions, stimulating interest and increasing the chances of sales.

With pharmacy adverts, you can communicate in a targeted and strategic manner with your target audience, reaching them at the very moment they are in your store.

The addition of advertisements and announcements makes the buying experience even more complete and interactive, offering customers useful information and inviting them to discover what your pharmacy has to offer.