Discover how music can transform the salon experience in hairdressing and beauty salons.

music for hairdressing and barbershop

Today we talk about music for hairdressing and barbershop. Choosing the right music per beauty salons, hair salons and barber shops is not a trivial task. These places are special and require special attention to the environment that is created to put the customer at ease. In addition to the quality of service, it is important to take care of every aspect, including the background music, to create an unforgettable experience.

Beauty salons, hair salons and barbershops are places where alonger relationship with the client is established. During treatment, physical contact is made, which greatly influences emotions. Therefore, it is crucial to set up the environment so as to put the client at ease. The choice of music plays a crucial role in this process.

Finding the right balance between relaxation and energy

When selecting music for hair salons, barbershops, and beauty salons, it is important to find a balance between relaxation and energy. Clients seek serenity, relaxation, and complicity during treatment, but at the same time they want a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. Music should be suitable for a relaxing atmosphere, with a moderate but not too slow pace.

In a barbershop a rock groove and soft ballads can create an engaging and “typically masculine” atmosphere

168 – Royalty Free: Ballad and Soft Rock

For example, a playlist of cheerful pop music but not disco music may be an ideal choice in a women’s lounge.

112 – Free Royalties: Pop Music

Pop is a versatile genre that can cater to a wide audience, but the music selection should also consider the type of clientele that frequents the salon. If it is a younger clientele, it might be interesting to include indie offerings as well.

123 – Free Royalties: Pop Rock and Indie Rock

In contrast, for a more mature clientele, a softer selection might be more suitable.

126 – Free Royalties: Warm and Soft Songs

It is important to avoid overdoing the volume of music. In hair and beauty salons, conversation is key, so the volume should be adequate to allow clients to talk comfortably. In addition, it is advisable to choose instrumental or lyrically unobtrusive pieces of music so as not to disturb the conversation and promote a relaxing atmosphere. Non-famous music helps you here; independent artists from a royalty-free catalog are an ideal choice to accompany the client without intrusiveness.

Benefits of MoosBox for your beauty salon, barber shop or hair salon

MoosBox is the perfect solution for selecting the ideal background music for your hair or beauty salon. We offer a royalty-free background music service, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere without worrying about copyright issues and fines.

With MoosBox, you can choose from a wide range of music genres suitable for beauty salons, barber shops and hair salons, ensuring a pleasant experience for your clients.

One of the main advantages of MoosBox is its ease of use. You can access the online platform and browse ourvast music library, categorized by genres, moods, and themes. Select those that best suit your salon and create your own personalized playlist. You can also schedule music playback by time of day or days of the week, adapting it to the different stages of the day and the needs of your clients.

Use Jingle and Spot to create your own in-store radio station

In addition to the variety of music genres available, MoosBox also offers the ability to customize your music experience. You can add jingles, announcements or promotional messages to communicate special offers or additional services to your customers. In this way, music becomes an effective marketing tool to promote your salon and increase sales.

Always choose quality sound

Another advantage of MoosBox is the quality of sound. All music tracks have been specially selected and optimized to ensure crystal-clear, high-quality audio in your salons. Music creates the right atmosphere and helps make your customers’ experience even more enjoyable and memorable. And you can play it however you want, including using wifi speakers SONOS that provide excellent sound at a low cost and without expensive sound systems or speakers SYMFONISK on sale at IKEA and made in collaboration with Sonos. [read also this article on this topic]

What if you have multiple salons?

In addition, MoosBox gives you the ability tomanage multiple locations or salons with a single platform. You can customize playlists for each salon based on your clients’ preferences and the characteristics of each location.

Finally, MoosBox is a legal and professional solution. All music tracks in our library have been duly acquired and are suitable for commercial use. You can enjoy background music without worrying about violating copyrights or incurring legal penalties.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the choice of music for hair salons, barbershops and beauty salons is critical to creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for your clients. With MoosBox, you can easily customize your music experience by selecting suitable genres and adding promotional messages. Choose MoosBox and transform your beauty or hair salon into a unique place where music becomes an integral part of the experience. Give your clients high-quality treatment, take care of the details and create an unforgettable atmosphere.