The Influence of Restaurant Music on Culinary Choices: Truth or Lie?

Find out how the music in the venue can influence your choices.

Influence Music at Restaurant

Today we discuss the ‘influence of Music at the Restaurant. Eating with pleasant background music is an experience enjoyed by many during a restaurant or pub dinner. However, it is important to pay attention to the music that is programmed in the restaurant, as it may influence customers’ dining choices. Don’t believe it? Read on, we’ll explain it to you!

The Study on the Influence of Music at the Restaurant

A study conducted by the University of South Florida, published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, investigated the effect of ambient music on restaurants and supermarkets, demonstrating how it can be used strategically to influence consumer buying behavior.

The Results of the Study

The Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida conducted a study in a Bar in Stockholm, experimenting with the effect of music on customers and their dining choices. During the experiment, different genres of music were played at volumes of 55 decibels and 70 decibels. Menu items were categorized as healthy, unhealthy, or neutral (such as drinks like coffee or tea).

During several hours of study on various days, researchers observed that soft background music had a calming effect on customers, making them more aware of their food choices and prompting them to opt for healthier meals.

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On the other hand, louder music increased nervous stimulation, leading customers to crave less healthy and tastier dishes.

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The Challenge of Choosing Between Us and Music

So, do we make the choices about the food and drink we consume or does the music decide for us? The study suggests that ambient music can play a significant role in shaping our dining preferences. Therefore, both restaurateurs and customers should be aware of the influence that music at the Restaurant can have on food choices and make judicious choices when it comes to the restaurant soundtrack.

In conclusion

Music has incredible power over our restaurant experience. It can iinfluence our mood, our perception of food, and even our food choices. Therefore, whether you are a restaurateur who wants to create the perfect atmosphere for your customers or a curious patron who likes to discover new flavors, it is important to carefully consider the background music you choose to accompany your meals.

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