Music makes a difference in the store: choose MoosBox!

Copyright and Fully-Licensed Music

Copyright and Fully-Licensed Music. The right background music can make a big impact on a customer’s experience in your shop. But using copyrighted music can become expensive with all the royalties that need to be paid. That’s why the best solution for your shop is to choose MoosBox’s royalty-free music.

Why Choose MoosBox for Your Shop’s Royalty-Free Music?

Music licenses are a crucial aspect to using royalty-free music. There are various licensing options available, both paid and free. Paid licenses usually offer more usage rights, but it’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions before purchasing one. With MoosBox, you’ll get an unlimited license for in-store playback with a single monthly fee and a customized in-store radio service.

Do You want to create the Perfect Atmosphere?

Choosing the right music for your shop is important. The music should reflect the atmosphere of the shop and the audience you want to attract. For example, a clothing store for young people might choose more energetic music compared to a home goods store for adults. With MoosBox, you have access to dozens of different moods to choose from, and if you need help, our consultants are always available to create a custom mood for your shop.

Copyright and Fully-Licensed Music: The Benefits of music with rights included

Choosing MoosBox’s royalty-free music has many benefits, such as saving on royalty costs (read our article on this topic) and the flexibility of a worldwide license with a single, experienced provider always available.

Choosing MoosBox means choosing the freedom to use music at no extra cost.

In Summary: Why Choose MoosBox for Your Background Music?

In conclusion, if we talk about Copyright and Fully-Licensed Music, MoosBox’s royalty-free music is the ideal option for creating a pleasant atmosphere in your shop without having to pay expensive royalties and without having to manage multiple contacts for the same service.

Choose your music wisely, purchase the license from a reliable provider, and respect the terms and conditions of the license to avoid any legal issues in the future.

And for all of this, there’s MoosBox.

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