Music Marketing

musica e comportamento dei consumatori


How music influences customer psychology and sales in your store

An analysis of how music influences the minds of customers through four main effects: cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social.

tecnico del suono in studio durante il montaggio di un brano musicale


Free Music: truths and myths

Let’s explore the various aspects of Royalty Free Music, debunking common myths and highlighting the benefits of this option for businesses and professionals. A focus on MoosBox, which provides a specific, original, affordable, yet high-quality solution.

Mockup con i colori bandiera MoosBox in cui si mette a confronto la musica di Sanremo 2024 e quella di MoosBox


Sanremo 2024: a historic edition with music at the center

Sanremo is always Sanremo, but it’s not always the right choice for in-store music.

Glasses on a musical score to represent rights-inclusive music



How does music with all rights included support independent artists?

Discover how we go against the demonetization of less popular songs on mainstream platforms, offering an alternative that values creativity and musical diversity.

what is in-store radio


Radio In Store: what is it for?

Learn how in-store radio can transform your customers’ experience and why a royalty-free solution is perfect

benefits fully licensed music


Famous music vs MoosBox: which one to choose?

The benefits of choosing fully licensed background music in store.

between creativity and care


MoosBox: The perfect blend of creativity and ongoing support

the perfect royalty-free music choice for your business

MoosBox Music and Services


MoosBox, Music and services…but not only

The Perfect Atmosphere for Your Business! Let’s talk a little about us. Who we are.

beyond just music


MoosBox: more than just music

Not only music, but also advice, innovation and personalized assistance