Sanremo 2024: a historic edition with music at the center

Mockup con i colori bandiera MoosBox in cui si mette a confronto la musica di Sanremo 2024 e quella di MoosBox

This week, we couldn’t help but talk about an event that resonated across Italy for five evenings and will be a topic of conversation for quite some time: the Sanremo Festival 2024.

Contestants: a symphony of talents

As every year, the Ariston stage lit up for 5 unforgettable days, and the artists delivered unique emotions, each one resonating and making them their own in a deeply personal way, as always happens with music.

This year, the competition ignited like never before. Regardless of the rankings, who will capture the audience’s hearts will only be known in a few weeks. What is certain is that among the powerful voices of established singers and the surprises from newcomers, there was truly a contagious energy this year.

Fantasanremo 2024: our evaluations

We at MoosBox also participated in Fantasanremo and followed every note, every emotion, and every outfit showcased on the Ariston stage. Here are our grades, highlighting the performers who surprised us and those who left us a bit disappointed.


  1. Ricchi e Poveri – With their performance of “Ma non tutta la vita,” they brought the eighties back to the stage irresistibly. A return to the roots that made us dance and smile.
  2. Dargen D’Amico – “Onda alta” took us back to the legendary nineties. Its engaging beat and dedication to Giovanna won us over.
  3. Geolier – Despite all the controversies, often in bad taste, Neapolitan dialect blends perfectly with the Italic melody in “I p’ me, tu p’ te.” A romantic and authentic text.
  4. Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa” is a “deandreiana” song that touched our hearts. Her impeccable interpretation moved us.
  5. The Kolors – “Un ragazzo una ragazza” captivated us with its freshness and originality.


  1. Irama – The piece is powerful with touching lyrics, but despite expectations, his performance didn’t hit us as we hoped. Perhaps the pressure of the Ariston stage played a significant role in the success of the performance.
  2. Alessandra Amoroso – She also didn’t shine as we expected. Her performance, for us, didn’t live up to her capabilities.

The music of Sanremo 2024 in your store: is it really necessary?

The Italian music scene performed under the lights of the Ariston, giving everyone an unforgettable experience that we’ll carry with us every day through the radio and our personal playlists, determining the true winner of the event.

However, for commercial activities, if you manage one, you know how crucial the choice of background music is to create the right atmosphere. So, we ask you if Sanremo’s hits are truly the best choice?
Many think that playing the latest Sanremo hits is a way to attract customers to their store and is an investment (considering the high cost of broadcasting licenses) necessary to maintain a high level of engagement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Table of advantages and disadvantages: Sanremo 2024 music vs MoosBox music

MoosBox: our creative choice

Just because Sanremo’s songs will be on air everywhere in the coming weeks, on all radios and playlists, we at MoosBox believe that a retail store must stand out, and music must be a tailored experience. You can’t conform to everyone and settle for “ordinary” mainstream songs.

To engage the customer and stand out, you need original playlists, selecting songs from less-known but equally talented artists. Our in-store radio is a unique musical journey, where every note is designed to surprise and engage. And the best part? It’s also cost-effective for your budget!

Limitless creativity

We not only offer you competitive music prices, with broadcasting licenses and related rights included in the subscription, but we also care about supporting emerging artists through precise and direct compensation agreements.

It’s no coincidence that today, over 10,000 stores in 27 countries around the world use our music library, giving them access to a multitude of melodies ranging from pop to indie, contributing to making their commercial environment unique.

Choosing MoosBox is not just about saving money but also embracing diversity and supporting emerging artists. Our platform allows you to create customized playlists that fit your brand and your customers’ preferences. With transparent rates and a vast musical catalog, we’re here to guide you on a musical journey that will engage everyone who enters your store.

MoosBox is the perfect companion for your commercial music

In conclusion, while the Sanremo Festival enchanted us with its extraordinary notes, MoosBox is here to bring that magic to your store. Choosing our platform not only means embracing the most popular musical styles but also supporting creativity and saving without compromise.

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