Royalty-free music for gyms and fitness centers

music for fitness and gyms

Today we talk about music for fitness and gyms. Music plays a major role within fitness centers and has the power to motivate us, inspire us, and improve our performance while working out in the gym.

Background music in a gym is an indispensable element. It has been proven that rhythmic beats stimulate movement and increase motivation. However, gym users are often equipped with headphones to listen to their favorite private playlists. It is in common areas, training rooms and in locker roomsthat in-store music is heard and felt the most, thus in all those situations where earphones are not worn.

Can you imagine your gym without music? No, you can’t!!!

The absence of soundduring a workout, creates embarrassment and demotivation and thus can be disadvantageous and have a negative impact on the impression customers form of your club. The same goes for mainstream music that is too repetitive or commercial.

Conversely, the presence of an appropriate soundtrack can create an engaging and motivating atmosphere, contributing positively to your brand image and customer satisfaction.

The power of music in training

Music has been shown to have a significant impact on training. Whether you are lifting weights, running on the treadmill, or participating in a group class, music can increase motivation, reduce perceived fatigue, and improve concentration.It is a key element in creating the right atmosphere and keeping energy high throughout your workout. No club is complete without the right music and a dedicated playlist.

Regardless of where you are in the fitness industry and what classes you offer, there is no doubt that you can benefit from the effects of background music. The beauty of music lies in the fact that there is the perfect one for every setting, and clients tend to appreciate it in any environment.

According to a recent study, 68 percent of participants revealed that “music helps them find motivation to exercise when they are tempted to skip it.”

If you run a gym, our advice is to make sure you always offer the appropriate music to support your clients’ workouts. You can find in MoosBox the ideal partner to get a music selection tailored to your needs, complete with all the necessary user licenses.

Genre and mood for each gym activity

Every type of activity in the gym requires appropriate music to maximize results. Here are some examples of genres and moods that go well with certain activities:

  • Cardio Workout and Running Rooms: We should not overlook the rooms where specific music is instead required. These areas are those dedicated to courses, such as zumba or spinning. Taking these examples we can easily imagine that being two very different sports, they will need distinct rhythms and sounds. This is where the differentiation of sound environments comes in, so that the right soundtrack can be dedicated as needed. During a zumba class -for example- reggaeton rhythms will be preferable to the pressing, electronic EDM rhythms of a spinning class. For running sessions, cycling or other high-intensity activities, genres such as EDM, dance music or energetic pop can offer a constant energy boost. Choose tracks with ua driving beat and an engaging melody to keep up with your workout.
209 – Royalty Free: EDM
  • Weightlifting and strength training: When it comes to weightlifting, music with strong beats and powerful bass can provide just the right amount of motivation and encouragement. Electronic music is certainly a particularly good genre for this kind of intense activity, such as EDM or Future Rave, which are rich in dynamic sounds and high bpm.
208 – Royalty Free: Future Rave
  • Stretching and relaxation activities: After an intense training session, it is important to set aside time for recovery and relaxation. In these situations, ambient music, smooth jazz, or relaxing instrumental pieces can help you find calm and serenity. These genres create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for stretching, muscle relaxation, and meditation. In general, in thecommon areas of a gymnasium, such as the reception, the relaxation area, the corridors, should convey the dynamics that characterize this type of activity, without being limited to a single genre of music, nor with overly aggressive sounds. A selection of rhythmic, sing-along songs may be the most suitable choice, ranging from faster-paced pop to electronic dance-pop.
200 – Royalty Free: Gym Warm Up
  • Changing rooms: are the decompression area post-workout. After a weights session or a high-intensity cardio workout cadenced by sustained musical rhythms, it is in the locker room that one begins to refresh and the heart rate slowly returns to its normal “bpm.” A cadenced but soft-sounding music may be the best choice, so it is the genre defined as “organic” that is our recommendation. This mood is characterized by “deep” electronic tracks mixed with folk sound influences from all over the world.
210 – Royalty Free: Organica

Music and physical fitness: what relationships?

Music has the unique ability to stimulate the area of the brain responsible for movement. When music comes into play, your heart rate increases, your metabolism kicks in, and your energy efficiency intensifies. In addition, music has the power toreduce physical and emotional stress and lower your blood pressure.

Experts explain that music helps the body distract from negative feelings, such as pain and stress. This is why those who exercise without a background soundtrack may experience greater perception of fatigue due to physical exertion. Listening to music offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Improving mood: Music has the power to lift your spirits and put you in a good mood during your workout. It can instill positive energy and motivation, making the experience more enjoyable and engaging.
  • Keeping the rhythm:: Music can help you maintain a steady pace during your workout. Songs with a fast pace and a good cadence can inspire you to keep up and give it your all.
  • Performance improvement: Music has been shown to enhance physical performance. It can increase stamina, agility and effectiveness of movement, enabling you to push your limits and achieve better results.
  • Stress reduction: Music acts as an outlet for stress accumulated during the day. It allows you to relax and focus on the present, creating a more serene and training-friendly environment.

Royalty-free music for fitness and gyms: a smart choice

In addition to the vast choice of genres and moods, MoosBox offers a number of benefits for your gym. First of all, all the songs in MoosBox’s library are royalty-free, eliminating the need to deal with legal issues or pay royalties and related fees for their dissemination; these fees are already included in the fee. In addition, the platform is easy to use, allowing you tocreate playlists, schedule music according to your workout schedule and change it whenever you want. With MoosBox, you can create an engaging and personalized sound experience for your users.