MoosBox, Music and services…but not only

MoosBox Music and Services

Introduction to MoosBox, music and services

Who are we?

MoosBox is the result of 25 years of experience in the mainstream in-store radio world with Music Your Brand, which it spun off from. We’re a dedicated royalty-free and fully-royalties music provider for businesses that combines our musical, technological, and legal expertise.

Our goal is to provide real support to entrepreneurs in creating a perfect environment for their employees and customers, legally compliant, secure, and easy to use.

Music On-the-Go with MoosBox

MoosBox offers a wide range of musical genres and flexible licensing options to help businesses create the perfect atmosphere for their commercial projects without worrying about copyright infringement. We also provide consulting services to help companies choose the right music and create a personalized musical experience for their customers and employees.

The Heart of MoosBox: Consulting Services

Consulting services are the heartbeat of MoosBox. Our proprietary AudioRoadie®️ ecosystem has been developed and internally updated to provide the best solutions to companies.

Constant Support from Our Consultants

Our consultants are always available to help companies choose the right music, create a custom soundtrack, and even custom jingles to help companies create a distinctive identity.

Although the MoosBox platform is user-friendly.

Our consultants are always available to help companies navigate the platform and make the most of all the available features. They can suggest the best solutions for spreading music through the web portal, desktop and mobile apps, Sonos audio systems, and other devices.

In Conclusion

MoosBox,beyond music, the services are crucial in creating the right atmosphere for business projects and enhancing the customer experience. With a wide selection of musical genres, flexible licensing, and a team of expert consultants, MoosBox is the ideal solution for anyone looking to get the most out of their commercial activities.

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